I just switched to CIS from AVG for last 2-3 years (& Zone Alarm before that). One very, healthy habit I have been in the practise of is running all security programs & scans in SAFE MODE. I heard it was better & tested it myself several times sucessfully before believing, and YES it’s true. Many times I would run anti-virus or spyware programs in normal mode, and then immediately restart PC in SAFE MODE & rerun, and sure enough…many times scans would find things that were able to hide & hang out under normal mode. I think of all the anti-malware protection programs I use or ever used, CIS is the first program not to work in SAFE MODE. Please program the ability to do so in the next future software update. I cannot see a reason why this could not be possible, unless there’s a deep technical issue??

    Just like Windows Automatic Updates, Firefox new version, etc., other programs out there have the ability to let you know there’s newer versions or updates available. Please let CIS tell us somehow there’s the same. Everybody’s different, so maybe include options to auto-update or let us know when they are available, update but don’t install without approval, etc… this could be done by allowing CIS pop-ups upon system restart with a pop-up window, whenever the updates are detected randomly in maybe a system tray pop-up message (like a-Squared), whenever or whenever. Give a way (link, list, etc.) to visually see what’s in the update whether it’s a list of new features or bug fixes. Addiionally, send an email to user as a backup if they’re registered.

    The update option in the MISC page looks TOO MUCH like an update option for virus scan updates & very easy to miss, especially for less advanced people.

    After an update, give details as to what’s new/changed in the update. Addiionally, send an email to user as a backup if they’re registered of this.

    In response to my question, a live rep just explained that CIS is considered to be “anti-spyware” only in this sense:

    “It counts as anti-spyware because it has the DEFENSE+ module which detects anything that is trying to access anything on your PC. Be it program, be it something that tries to modify the registry or launch an application. The firewall functions similar to Defense+ but it doesn’t detect applications, it detects connections that attempt the same thing. Basically, CIS’s Firewall and Defense+ and Anti-virus, can offer you protection agains anything unknown to you that would wish to access through the internet or even locally, any file or program. That could be indirectly called Anti-spyware, since it does all that, anything that would try to infiltrate.”

Though this is appreciated, it would ALSO be nice if you added a regular anti-spyware scanner & rootkit detector INCORPORATED INTO the virus scanner like AVG & others do to make it a full package. Even if you partnered aith another existing company that offers their own free scan/program if you don’t want to re-invent the wheel. Programs like Spyware Blaster have pop-up windows that show when home page change attempted & other BHOs. This would be nice if it was included.

    In fact, now that I’m typing this, it would be AWESOME if you could allow for the option for users to have almost like “plug-in” programs to add to CIS to make it a 1-stop program & maybe even have a 1-button total security & maintenance. Plug-in programs that are already existing programs by 3rd party companies to seemlessly work together. Safe, highly-recommended, tried & true. Examples:
    -CCleaner (replaces Microsofts’s ‘Disk Clean’ plus the only free Registry Cleaner)
    -MRU Blaster, Spyware Blaster & Spyware Guard (all by same company)
    -WinPatrol ?

CCleaner’s creator Piriform as another killer replacement for MS’s defrag program that actuallt WORKS & works great.

CCleaner is great but I am not sure if this is a right way. Comodo can not be responsible for plugins instability and issues. It should be just solid specific internet security system, not a multi functional solution for each Windows problem.

Piriform’s alternative to Microsoft Defrag is named “Defraggler.”

Where the OP’s wall of text :stuck_out_tongue: is concerned…
Re: #1 SAFE MODE: Yes. It’s rather saddening that CIS doesn’t work in safe mode. Something, if feasible ought to be done about it. Maybe like some competing brands do, COMODO may do well to develop a portable or featherweight scanner only edition of CIS. No Defense+, no Firewall, just give us CAV on a stick…and hold the mayo.

Re: #2 UPDATE ALERTS: CIS already does this but only for program updates. A tray icon looking like a rather weak clone of the flame & shield icon would appear and may or may not pop a bubble saying there are updates ready. Sometimes CIS tells you via bubble that there are new defs available or that it’s finished getting them, but once you click where it says to stop telling you, you’re toast (unless you go back to Miscellaneous > Settings > General). Speaking of toast, this is what you’re asking for: for CIS to alert of all updates via “toast,” so named because of how the window appears- like bread out of the toaster. This would be nice.

Re: #3 PROGRAM UPDATE OPTION: …err…not too sure about that one, bud.

Re: #4 PROGRAM UPDATE CONFIRMATION: I agree with you on this one. CIS could do with a fix on easily getting to the release notes webpage and (if people like) adding a one-time popup window that contains the latest release notes . Also, the release notes (personally) should be released/updated on the webpage before the update itself. Oftentimes I look for them right after a version update and they’re non-existent for [exaggerating…] half the day and it bugs me because I badly want to know what just changed.

Re: #5 (ANTI-)SPYWARE: I agree wholeheartedly on this one. CIS can’t truly claim to be an antimalware if it relies solely on D+ and the user (and we all know that Joe average is often stubborn, simple-minded and illiterate in most other things than Microsoft Word) to intercept malware and while CAV can’t detect trojans, rootkits, most actual spyware or fix evil registry hacks.

Re: #6 I disagree with you a bit on this one. Plugins always have the chance of being unstable, naughty or just evil. If Comodo invited CIS plugins Comodo might have to indulge itself in screening and testing plugins per proposed release otherwise Comodo would be shooting itself in the foot: promoting trust and security while allowing devs and plugins that may seek to undermine them. And this would all basically spell “extra frickin work and wait/delay” for all. Comodo may opt for having wanting developers prove themselves and perhaps buy licenses to “put their hands in the cookie jar” but it’s already been said that Comodo is not and definitely will not go open-source.

It would be a nice thing to see such stuff as read/write/scan activity and network load graphs by CAV and CFP respectively and status notifications if Comodo won’t implement them itself >:-D …and maybe the ability to rearrange the tables in the Summary page…ok that’s enough. :a0

Also, I agree with limo79 that CIS mightn’t fare very well with plugins and doing other things that be a lightweight protection suite and nothing more. All utility software, if at all, should be bundled into their own distinct suite. CIS would become fat, weak, unstable, hard to maintain and bloated like some various brand name software. I like CIS the way it is now: few but feature-filled modules, and relatively divine power where access control and self-protection is concerned.
Although… “skinnable CIS” …nuff said. :THNK

The best free defrag program is Auslogics. It now has optimization routines that consolidate your files and eliminate free space gaps and it’s very fast. The statement that CCleaner is the “only free registry cleaner” is not right. Auslogics also has one that works very well and is totally safe to use, unlike CCleaner.

That’s debatable. :slight_smile:

I’d put MyDefrag before Auslogics. Also free. It may not be as pretty as Auslogics, but is a very solid performer. It also gets Gizmo at TechSupportAlert’s vote for top pick. Auslogics is number 4 on his list.
Best Free Disk De-fragmenter

His review is outdated, he says that Auslogics has no optimization, but it now does since the 3.0 version came out about a month ago and it’s very impressive at eliminating free space gaps and consolidating the drive. If MyDefrag is based on JK then I’ll pass. I tried JK and it was painfully slow and kept moving my game files to the end of the drive and calling them “Space Hogs”

Defraggler rules. Its “defrag free space” ability is separate from “defrag whole drive, defrag file/folder” etc but… Defraggler rules. There, I said it. :stuck_out_tongue: