Wishlist For Comodo Valkyrie Service

Please post anything you’d like to see added, or improved, with Comodo Valkyrie.

Please only put one wish per post. Thanks.

I would like to see an option, for registered users to ask for the file to be reanalyzed, even if it has already been analyzed once. This way if the user disagrees with the verdict they can challenge it.

Hi Chiron, thanks for this new topic.

I hope be added hash files search (MD5 or SHA-1) in Valkyrie.

can edit and delete about my comment (User Feedback).

Yes. Agree me too.

ex) Truested File Submit at the Valkyrie → (Start) Vlalkyrie Auto Analyze : Malware → (AV Experts) Vlalkyrie Manual Analyze : Nomarl → (After) COMODO Antivirus : Malware → Next??? (can’t reanalyze)

show ‘Valkyrie Uploader’ Version and released day.

Valkyrie Uploader(for 32-bit Windows 7 / Vista / XP SP2) + ‘version,released day’

I’d like for them to tell me whether it’s in Comodo’s whitelist, in addition to the other information.

The ability to upload archives for analysis. Virus Total, Jotti, and Virscan.org accept archives. Why not Valkyrie?

Most software downloads are in archives and it is very tedious to have to unpack them and select the executables to upload for checking.

Link the service with Virus total if it’s possible

You mean like an option to jump to the virustotal page?

Hmm, they do have the file and the SHA1, so is that possible?

If so then I like it.

Yes, something like a link (Check In VT) that will send you to VT website and check if the file has been already uploaded, so it will show 2 options re-scan the files o view the last report and if not will show you the option to upload it, because I guess that the file can not be send directly by Valkyrie

this was a wish back when CIMA was first released that never got added.

option to save report in different formats (html, pdf, txt etc)

option to not use comodo signatures during file analysis (pure valkyrie analysis)

i think the valkyrie analysis page needs an overhaul. The create time, start time, and end time can be removed they don’t tell anything important about the analysis and take up a lot of space. a box/table with information about the file would be good telling size, hash, sha1, auto result and analyst result (change wording from final result) and if an AV expert has not analyzed the file it could say not yet analyzed by our AV experts then have a button saying submit which would bring up a window with the list of all the experts with their pictures instead of having them on the main page. the last thing i would love to see is a separate tab or box/table for CAV detection. If cav does detect the file it should not factor this into Valkyrie’s result, it should be shown separately. With these changes it could look more professional and less confusing. i really like the look of siteinspector maybe valkyrie can look similar to it, keep the comodo sites consistent.

thanks for this great service


I like it. :-TU

another thing i would like to see is when the user goes to the valkyrie page and uploads a file it should show a window like in SI (screenshot attached) that shows the status (first checks the hash then if hash isnt found upload the file) and progress (shows upload speed, how much has been upload / total size, with a percentage bar)

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It would be cool to be able to log in to valkyrie.comodo.com with the same account as is used here on the forums. :slight_smile:

I wish it had A LOT shorter timeout before showing “The Static Detection system is too busy to query the result for you! Please try it later!”. I think i wasted 15 minutes of my life before that showed. I also would like to know, how long is “later”. You should implement a proper queueing logic.

They should rather tell us that Valkyrie developpment is dead, I’d prefer that instead of waiting.

Support for other extensions such that bat,vbs,pdf…