Wishlist for CAV

Hey everyone.

@Mods/amdins: Please make sub sector called wishlist.

Tell comodo your wish.

Valentin N

Could you include virus defs for Windows and OSX like in Symantec products for Mac with an option in Scan Settings which defs to use (Mac OS X, Windows, both)???

I believe this will satisfy most users and we will not loose a scan performance if someone works just under OS X.

Join the request. It would be cool!

+1 for choice.

Please add Proxy option for CAVM.
I have Comodo Offline Updater up and running on my other PC, but i can`t find any Connection Tab at preferences option on CAV, while windows version allready have it.

Thanks You

  1. Cloud based Behavior Analysis inside on-Access scanner :-*

  2. Add Firewall and make Internet Security for Mac ;D Powered by Long-experience of COMODO PCs’ Firewall as the best firewall 8)

  3. Default Deny Protection (DDP™) could be used for Macs?

COMODO keeps creating trust online, more and more :-* ;D

How about CAV for Mac OSX 10.5 PPC? Some of us don’t want to abandon our PPCs just because Apple went to Intel… Just a thought. :slight_smile: