A few things I would wish for would be :

  • a single click tray icon to open the UI

  • when in firewall logs section to be able to right click and copy the destination IP to the clipboard / or resolve the address directly in the log.

  • a built in firewall/process monitor that displays all current connections even listening and loopback that resolves IP addresses. With a graph to display bandwidth usage that has a separate tray icon, and can be closed from that icon only.

  • a choice for a custom alert sound

  • a built in VPN with no protocol restrictions and a privacy statement that is written in stone with the same statement as blackVPN that is reasonably priced. - https://www.blackvpn.com/about/

  • built in encryption with Blowfish 448 bit (free availability in the public domain) that has the option to randomly disguise the file name of the original, with right click extensions that includes a secure wiping feature with various algorithms.

  • version 5 GUI returned - just joking, but I am absolutely dying with anticipation to see the V9 UI

That’s a lot - but then again it’s a wishlist. :wink:

Good wishes, I agreed all of them especially v5 UI design wish. :-TU

sAyer, as a Star Group member, you may submit wishes directly in the tracker.

I will move this one to “Added/Rejected Wishes” section.
Thank you.