Wish to cancel my Comodo Forum account/profile [SPLIT TOPIC]

No! I don’t want some bananas!!!
stop dancing , Ganda and all Mods

Please reconsider!

I want to remove my account from this ■■■■ site permanently by one click of a mouse as it was possible before

As I posted previously :

Thank you all & developers for the Firewall - the only Software which I am using from the the very beginning until v3.14 - Firewall Only!

Other products are pure ■■■■!!! even the simple & good Backup went into the sewage…
I tested all & each product … & so on

Thank you, I don’t need any of them

I’m still using v3.14 on XP Pro & Win 7 x64… but I am going to change that

Many GREAT people / helpers / moderators left already - now it is my turn

Since there were many similar requests - it’s pure human right - being able just press a button and delete the account

Get real!!! please. Let those, who wants to do that do that easy-one-click-way.

I hope I do not need to express myself in a certain indecent way, so I would be just banned because of that, please

Make the account & all details removable by the user

My regards

mod edit: split topic. kail

huh ??? sorry to hear that siberlynx :cry:

but the policy stands still.
when an account is deleted, it’s difficult to track down the posts made by the particular account. we consider it a loss of data.

if anyone should leave for whatever reason, they can simply log out & not coming back.

if you want me to, i can change your password so that you won’t be able to log back in, it doesn’t make any sense but i’ll do it if you want :slight_smile:

No thanks, save the bananas ! :slight_smile: (or sell them on E-Bay!) :-TU

Thanks …

… but it is not much I wanna say here in this forum anymore after this ■■■■■■ sandbox integration & my testing of it

this is full load of p_o_o!!! (underscored since I don’t want it to be auto-changed to “poo” word - stinking p_o_o it is!


mod edit: tough poo. kail

Posts split by Mod.


Good grief. Get a grip. If you don’t want to be here, then go away. If you want to be banned (permanently or otherwise) just ask. It’s much easier.

“Ahhh the sandbox doesn’t work my tests are even worse the sky is falling the world is coming to an end so my account needs to be deleted!!” :o :o :o

Someone need a friend? :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: I like overreacting, as you can see.

If they won’t let you delete your account, simply delete the CONTENTS of your posts. Don’t delete the posts themselves as they are just moved to a hidden container.

easy there 88)

mods took this action based on precedent when ppl abused the account deletion & how it affected the forum.

of course, policies are like girlfriends, one is never enough ^,^
i mean policies are subject to change. different circumstances, different measures.
how about instead of cursing & throwing poo at me (which make my heart died a little inside :cry: ), you give us valid reasons why the policy should be changed?
like i said before, mod’s reasons to disable account deletion is cos it’s hard to track down the posts made by the deleted account.

with this kind of reply, someone would start another poo throwing 88)

Took you a long time to login into TOR, create a user and post that Jeremy. 88)


I was not “throwing poo at you”, man you know that well.
Our communication here & via ■■■ were always friendly :-TU
I was talking about that change in policy re: deleting own account :-TD


:-TU :-TU :-TU

I did this on another forum I was a member off. They wouldn’t let you delete the post. I edited all the posts, CTRL+A, then :wink: Job done.

whose Jeremy, I thought it was “hooter”, and that too big ones. ???

Personally, I agree that accounts should not be deleted. It does make it difficult to follow posts.

Maybe there should be an option to put the account into some sort of permanent vacation mode so the posts can still be followed and searched but there is something to indicate that if you ask the user a question they won’t respond. Maybe grey out the name or something.

Just a thought.

What!? I having made another account in months. And I don’t have TOR installed anyway. 88)

I’m Jeremy but not Hooter. 88)

you know whats cute…

  1. who amongst us has deleted his a/c many times?
  2. and always come back with a new name/persona?
  3. who, with those many names, has posts all over the place?
  4. he’s also the most flamed guy on wilders.
  5. he’s also has multiple a/c at wilders.
  6. he’s the most passionate of all comodo’s fanboys.
  7. hopefully, one day he will work for Comodo Inc.
  8. he is also a ‘global moderator’.


  1. Most of the Comodo mods use the same account and I only know of 1 which had to make a new account due to it becoming corrupt in a database error (that was about 1.5 years ago), for your information there is a handy dandy display name change option in your wonderful profile settings which you should check.

  2. Please do not post “flammable” content, it is not productive and these forums are all about helping others as well as being a friendly place on the internet, your post above is asking to start an argument.


I think he may be referring to this:

By the way, does anyone know all the different usernames he’s used. I don’t know much about Wilders as I’m not active there, but it sure seems to apply to Josho, Josh, Dragons Forever, etc…

At the end of the day, does it truly matter? Being able to delete an account or not, we have disabled that option for users to keep data consistent. This was the decision of the forum’s management team.

Posts such as slangen’s only prove to bring “flammable” content. He is disrespecting a moderator as listed in section 5.2 in the Forums Policy.

We understand some users are upset about the decision to disable account deletion, however that is the decision that was made by the moderators and administrators of the forums together.

We appreciate your feedback about this function not being available anymore, and we will consider it for future decisions.


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