WISH: Lost Mode

I thought about remote command that will switch Anti-Theft to the “Autopilot mode” and greatly increase a possibility to find your lost phone by continuously making its best to help you getting it back.

I come up with the idea of 3 main steps (Strengthen Protection, Continuous reports, Watch activity) which would be applied after receiving this command (see the picture). It should be configurable by the user.

I was inspired e.g. by this topic: https://forums.comodo.com/comodo-mobile-security-cms/anti-theft-not-working-t96859.0.html

If you have any questions, just ask :slight_smile:

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Nice idea. However, I would suggest a shorter time period than 6 hours. Eg. Every 1 hour, making it default and user configurable.

How about activation and picture taking after three incorrect password attempts ala Lookout?