Wish List

It would help automation of logins if there was an option to record a login procedure. The web page address of the login could be recorded as well, allowing i-vault to open the login page and login automatically. That is, the login would be started (possibly even off-line) from i-vault, which would then open the default browser, navigate to the login page and play the log-in sequence. I personally greatly prefer keyboard automation, meaning that I would prefer to launch i-vault (my start menu is set up to launch about 200 applications using only the keyboard), then navigate the list of login entries by using initial (or user definable) letters of the entries with menus opening when selected (for better navigation of the listings). A hotkey would then launch the auto-login procedure for the selected entry. Of course, there are occasions where you are sent to a login page that would require a different hotkey for just playing the login procedure.
On another topic, it would be really desirable to have a method of passing the login information to the web page that does not get captured by key loggers. Manipulation of the clipboard, or some even better method would be nice.


Reason: Out-Dated post.