Wish List : Import Export Blocked Zone

I use Comodo Firewall’s Blocked Zones to block
1] Webpages
2] Ip adress ranges

I have been using comodo since last 1 year , everything is running fine
but i have noticed that , specially my Blocked zone in CF is very Huge
lots of IP ranges , Websites i have blocked .
Now i am going to Buy a whole new PC with windows 8
and i am going to use COMODO Internet security on that system .
But i want my whole blocked zones to be available on that system
.Its very tedious job to insert a single address or website in CIS ,
and top of that there is no export and import button with over wright or merge option.

i think Comodo is going to make huge changes in their Suite ,
so i want that feature in it , i want it really bad .
i still wonder why they dont have this feature in CIS :P0l