Wish I never saw this... FAIL


Win 7 64bit

CTM will not install or uninstall

“You must restart your PC to complete installation/uninstallation”

Now I am scared sh**less to uninstall CMT by Win 7 system restore or rebuilding the MBR or any other means.


What version of CTM do you currently have installed?


I have version 2.8.24214.178

You can Uninstall that version of CTM, just do it to baseline to avoid any problems.

Thanks… for your input!

I can not get the console to come up when I boot up, home key does not work.
In windows CMT will not launch at all, I get:

Critical Error: A critical subsystem required for the proper functioning of the product is not active.
This usually happens with an incomplete installation. Please reinstall the product and try again.

How do I get to baseline?
And what is baseline anyway?

Will ‘Win7 system restore’ work?


Can you check if you can see a Uninstall Option in the windows Control Panel?

I will get one of the devs to look at this :slight_smile:

[quote author=Biggsio link=topic=55474.msg509261#msg509261 date=1302652140]
control panel method = FAIL = says to “You must restart your PC to complete installation/uninstallation”. I reboot,do control panel removal and again it says “You must restart your PC to complete installation/uninstallation”. There is no ■■■■ console at boot. Home key does nothing at all to bring up the console.

  • control panel removal does not wok
  • Home key will not start CMT console
  • Do I run a risk if I use Win 7 System Restore
  • Will I get a ■■■■■■■ up MBR?
  • CMT directory is on my computer in Program Files (x86)
  • Has CMT taken control of the MBR…?

There is an uninstall/change option in Control Panel, but it does not work…!!!

Thank for your help, OmeletGuy…!

Sorry for not remembering that, I will talk to a dev about it. This is what happens when I multi-task.

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Hi biggsio:
Please contact with me if clearmulos.exe does not work for you.


Hey all…
Thanks for the help, much appreciated…!

Question: Do I just run this file, or does it install something…?

Edit… just saw this in my other post:

Biggsio, if you can boot, MBR is ok. No problem.
You need to download the file and run it.


Biggsio, please, follow just one thread