wish: hide apps and personal auto kill list

I know you can password protect app but what if on top of that you could hide apps from being seen all together. also instead of prompting for a password for a protecteted app you would get no prompt and the app would’t open until you go to your dialer or messages and call the password or send the password to your phone number. the message would not actually send so no message would show in your messages. this way it’s less likely for a thief to know there is security on your phone such means they are less likely to try and find a way way to hack. your phone would appear bugy. or when enter a password through dialer or text it launches a patern screen for you to enter a patern before you can gain access

auto kill: be able to create a personal list of apps to kill when they’re not being used and also be able to create a list of programs that shouldn’t auto start