Wish for "extras"

With the Anti-Phishing software, comodo demonstrated quite clearly that they can write plugins to firefox.

How about a plugin to firefox that automatically scans downloaded files with your antivirus scanner?

Might be a feature that would give your software an “edge” over the comptetition, since your software obviously works (imho Works better!) than a LOT of the commercial software around.

And adding support for the no-1 opensource browser might attract interest from opensource programmers, which might be a good start to make them spread the word about your excellent suite of free programs :slight_smile:


Interesting thought!
pls add this to our wishlist.

Good idea, but wouldn’t this be covered by CAVS memory resident scanning, or am I missing something here?

Ewen :slight_smile:

It would perhaps be covered by the memory resistent “feature”, however a lot of users switch off on-access scanning due to the extra overhead it creates on all disk-access. This is expecially true for people using bittorrent, since the overhead on read/write here can be quite high.

Thus, having a plugin on the download manager would make sure that newly downloaded files WILL get scanned.

Afterall, scanning incoming data is vital (and perhaps more vital than scanning data already on the disk).

A plugin for Azureus to automatically scan finished torrent streams might be a good idea aswell, especially if that could link to the CAVS central engine, and tell it to stop “real-time-scanning” the files while they’re still active in the torrent engine. Scanning while the file is still incomplete is a total and utter waste of cpu-cycles, imho.