[Wish] Archive of previous versions available for download direct from Comodo.

Please Comodo, consider keeping a direct official Comodo archive of previous versions of all Comodo products available for download.
For various reasons some users require previous versions of the Comodo products, whether it is because of preference, conflicts with the latest version, testing, comparing or any other reason etc etc.

Users are being forced to download from 3rd party locations to get recent previous versions which is not ideal for security reasons and also some users just prefer the official developers sites.

Even just one version back has to be out sourced.

Please vote, thanks.

+1 It’s a good thing to have an archive in house then to send users to other sites. It is more secure for the users because not everybody will check the digital signature and it is a good service for the reasons stated.

+1 I agree. Do I need the official archive products Comodo. This is the confidence and safety of all users.


its not nice to me, as a user, to have to look around “google” so i can find cis5.12… even if cis5 and cis6 shares the same database… comodo dont mantain the old one in their server…

really, its a shame…

I totally agree.