Having just bought a laptop i’ve been advised to go wireles! As i don’t know much about this approach could others help? I’ve been told the usual theory ditch Avast,Boclean,Comodo firewall,Superantispy and SW terminator for the following Mcafee antivirus(bout 9 months subscription left on laptop) a new firewall and a wep key! Well i know my current applications are fine it’s just what do i need extra for wireless protection? Thanks Stuart

Hi, your current security software is fine. I certainly wouldn’t go for McAfee, you will have to pay for subscription and you will be getting less protection for such as the firewall and antivirus (in regards to recent detection results).


Greetings stuartm,

I’d recommend you to get a router with at least WPA or WPA2 encryption, since it’s much safer than WEP encryption. Also, you should use MAC filtering and/or IP filtering so no one else can access your wireless connection.
And use a good key like ‘Iamnotyourmum’, not like your name or anything personal.


As i said new to wireless so how do you access wpa,wpa2 & mac filtering please. Stuart

Have you bought the router yet?
Else you can’t enable WPA/WPA2, IP-filtering and MAC-adress filtering.
If you have bought one, tell me what brand and model it is.
If you haven’t bought one, make sure you buy a router with WPA/WPA2 encryption, IP and MAC-adress filtering.


A BT hub with wireless capability

I don’t know anything about hubs, so you might want to check these sites:

BT Home Hub - Information and Advice - Scroll down to Home Hub Configuration


OK Thanks