Wireless Router rule creation [Resolved]

After I setup my wireless router how do I create secure rules to allow the firewall to recognize my network?

Can Comodo tell the difference between my network traffic and malicious attacks?

Also will my router be visible to hackers using ping/port scan or will my firewall stealth it?

ps I would be very grateful for any help as there is a lot of pressure on me to get this right and I’m a bit of a noob at wireless networks

Open CFP, go to SecurityTasksDefine a new Trusted Network, and add your router’s IP-range.


If it has a firewall function, it should. You can run Shields Up! to test your router.
NOTE: Even if not all are stealthed, CFP 2.4 will stealth them, but the website will test your router and NOT your software firewall.


How would I tell what its IP range is?

Also if I go to GRC.com and run a security check how can I check that my system is secure if it only tests my router?

Usually you get the IP that you login to configure the router, it’s found either on the router itself, or in the manual (if any).
If it’s (like mine), the IP-range is

Run the test that tests all service ports. It will only test your router, as the traffic goes in the router first before it reaches your computer, so it’s Remote Computer → Rotuer → Your Computer. If the remote computer is pinging yours, it’ll therefore ping your router.


I know you may not know the answers for these but

if someone breached my router would the firewall still protect me, its just that I read you need to turn off SSID, activate WPA and input a password is this enough and is it easy to do?

Your hardware firewall, no, but your software firewall would. WPA should be used, and use a long password that’s not easy to guess.
It’s very easy and should be enough, but if you have MAC filtering, it should be enabled.


I have a netgear router, does the password have to be entered everytime you use the router or is that only necessary for external attempts at accessing it as I heard you should make it 64 characters in length

ps does the setup disc that comes with it simplify the setup procedure its just that my ISP didnt send a book to accompany the router? Also how do physically connect it to the computer do you have to do it in stages?

when you turn off/on the computer do you have to switch the router on/off first or will shutting down the computer handle it automatically?

again sorry for the questions its just that if I can get it setup its a load off my mind

The password will only have to be entered once from the computer that’s connected to it wireless (unless you change the password or SSID).

It might be a help file on the setup disc if you’re lucky.

Well, I think that you’ll need to install the drivers first. Then you should plug the network cable and power cable in the router, and the wireless adapter in one of your USB port.

You’ll most likely have to turn it off automatically.


This may seem daft but can you play on consoles (like the Wii) through the router without having to switch on the main computer?

Yes, of course. The router is plugged in the wall socket and not in the computer.


I have setup my connection, why hasnt my firewall logged port scans when I run GRC.com port scan test is it due to my hardware firewall blocking them before they reach my software firewall, how can I check this?

My firewall hasnt logged anything for a while is this due to the hardware firewall handling the requests and if so will my software firewall catch anything it misses?

ps grc says all ports stealthed, for my router passkey / password should I use the maximum number of characters permitted or will a medium sized random number/letter passkey do?

Yes, it’s probably due to your hardware firewall. I don’t know how to check it, since I don’t think your router logs it?

Might be. And yes, it will catch what the hardware firewall misses, that’s the whole point.

You can use the maximum if you want, but it’s not required. Longer password just takes a longer time to crack, but I think 64 is the maximum, but I think around 20 should be enough to keep the hackers out. Also, MAC filtering will help some (tho you can easily change your MAC adress).


My router appears to have logged that port scans have taken place so it must have blocked them, my laptop has a wireless light indicator on it but I cant see a way of getting it to connect to the internet through my main computer do you know how you do that mate?

again thanks for all your words of wisdom I am extremely grateful

That’s great to hear.

I’m not so good with wireless Internet and routers, but I guess you’ll need a wireless adapter and install the drivers (you should’ve got it with your router). If you didn’t get any, I’m sure they’re available from the vendors website.


Do you know a place where I can ask someone for help with my router its just that certain web pages are appearing as page cannot be displayed and I’m wondering whats wrong

I guess you could send a E-mail to the vendors, else you could start a new thread on Comodo Foums in General Discussion.