Wireless DHCP fix lag/timeout..169.254...

This is how i fixed my wireless client DHCP problems when using CIS
windows xp sp3 the dhcp client starts by using the address and broadcasting ( dhcp request
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Network Secuity Policy
Global Rules
Action : allow
protocol : ip
direction : out

     Source Address
        single ip :
     Destination Address
        single ip :

     IP Details
        IP protocol
            custom...       dhcp


seems to work for me.

or even better, by someone who actually seems to know what their doing (elsewhere on these forums)

create the following rule to sort out DHCP

FireWall->Advanced->Network Security Policy->Add->Add
Action: Allow
Protocol: UDP (select from the pull-down list)
Direction: In/Out
Description: DHCP rule
Source Address: any
Destination Address: single IP:
Source Port: port range: 67-68
Destination Port: port range: 67-68