WinXPSP2 doesn't recognise Comodo Firewall after uninstalling Outpost [Resolved]

This is my issue:

Just uninstalled Outpost Firewall Pro
Installed latest version of Comodo
Windows XP security warnings keep on popping up reminding me that Outpost has been turned off.

Is this a problem with Comodo??

Hi and welcome, mr need help :slight_smile:

This is a problem with Windows’ repository directory not updating. The easiest method that always works for me is to run panic’s script. A reboot may be required.

Dear “soyabeaner”:
I downloaded “panic’s” winzip script and it worked.
For the record, I needed to perform a reboot.

Now WinXP is recognizing Comodo as the installed firewall.

Thanks again.

Nice to see it worked. I’ll mark this resolved :D.

Absolutely & totally resolved my issue.

Once again many THANKS.