WinXP start up problems [Resolved]

Dear Community, dear Mods…

first of all… yes I tried the Search-Function and I found various questions that are similar to mine, but the solutions hadn’t helped me yet.

Oh and please excuse my “bad” english I’m from Germany.

so… lets start:

The version of Comodo Firewall Pro Installed
Comodo Firewall Pro 2.4 with German language pack addon from

Your Internet connection type

Operating system and Service Pack Level
Win XP Home Edition with SP2

How you are logging in to the OS

Other Security applications installed
G Data Internet Security 2008 (don’t know whether you know it, I think its a German product, for information click here)

Security related applications which have been removed/disabled before installing CFP
Security related application which have been removed/disabled after installing CF

both nothing, its a completely new system

Detail the problem, such as which applications are running when you have the problem
As I mentioned the problem is that my OS freezes every time I start my PC.
Ok… I can do ONE action on every part of the desktop (clicking onto the task bar, the start button, right-clicking the desktop…) but nothing then happens, just an hour glass…
The problem first occurred after installing CPF.
Of course I tried a to use a System Restore Point which was created a week ago - no change.
Next step was safe mode → uninstall CPF - no change. ( But safe mode runs stable!)

So to everyone how wants to come up with: “Don’t use another firewall together with CPF.”… well on my previous system I had the same software configuration (OS, FWs…) and everything worked fine.

I really love CPF and would like to use it further, but I have to fix this problem.

Additional information to my systems
Old system (everything fine):
AMD XP 3000+ (2,18GHz afaik)
1024 MB-DDR-RAM (CL5, Infineon)
Sapphire ATI X850Pro
Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe

WinXP Home-Edition SP2
G Data Internet Security 2008

New system (10 days old):
Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 (2x 3,00 GHz)
2048 MB-DDR2-RAM (CL4, Mushkin)
XFX GeForce 8800 GTX
Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3

WinXP Home-Edition SP2
G Data Internet Security 2008

Thanks 4 help.

Yours sincerely,


Why are you using Comodo Firewall if your already using a security suite which includes a firewall? You cannot use 2 firewall together and there is no reason to. If you really love Comodo and and love free software then why dont you use Comodo 3.0 firewall and Avast av.

WOW! Thats what I call a fast answer ^^.

So the reason is simple:

The firewall of G Data is good no question, but it can’t accept Steam-Application though I clicked “Trust application”.
So I have to turn it off to connect to Steam… and to not be uncovered I installed CPF.

Hello Arutha! I tried a quick Google search and click on a few links but since this is German I was limited by my English!

You say that you have G-Data Internet Security 2008;
You may be able to disable G-Data’s firewall and use CPF
You may be able to Downgrade G-Data Internet security 2008 into the Anti virus package and add CPF for the firewall

Did you just purchase your G-Data License? If you are nearing the end of the licence date you may just switch over to another security program.

  • These are just my OPINIONS *

EDIT: Does your computer have troubles without CPF? You could always post for help in G-Data forums asking them to fix the " Steam-Application "

Hi Kyle!

Have you tried my link from the opening-post? If not here it is again

You may be able to disable G-Data’s firewall and use CPF
Well I can’t disable the G-Data firewall, because I have just one action before my OS freezes. (right-click = one action)
Also the Install-Guide in this forum said, that disabling wouldn’t affect anything (during the installation of CPF).

You may be able to Downgrade G-Data Internet security 2008 into the Anti virus package and add CPF for the firewall
Afaik it isn’t possible.

Did you just purchase your G-Data License? If you are nearing the end of the licence date you may just switch over to another security program.
My licence ends up in October afaik… thats too long to wait for :wink: .

Does your computer have troubles without CPF?
The trouble first came up because of CPF.
If you mean browsing and gaming without an active FW… thats no opportunity, sorry.

You could always post for help in G-Data forums asking them to fix the " Steam-Application "
I’ve done this when the Steam-problem first occured, but they couldn’t quiet figure out why Steam was blocked by the FW. -.-

so far,


Have you tried starting the computer in safe mode?

(When windows is booting up press F8 several times until you get boot options)

I have to quote myself :slight_smile:

What would you recommend to do in safe mode?

So the conflict happened With CPF and G-Data? And now your receiving freezing while trying to start up (unless safe mode) If you are certain that it’s a conflict with G-Data and CPF try uninstalling G-data as well, don’t forget to back up the settings of G-Data if you can.

Just remember that I am no Computer Technician, I’m just giving you advice on my own personal experiences and what I have read on various forums.

I am sure you can play around with G Data and get Steam to work. Does Steam launch at all? Remember that Steam games also use a program called Gameoverlay which also must be aloud to play games. Does G Data have a training mode?

Vettetech, Right now he can’t get into windows normally without it freezing :frowning:

to Kyle:
I don’t really know whether it’s a conflict between G Data and CPF, I just know that my problems began with the installation of CPF where on my previous system everything was fine.

In safe mode he boots correctly.

In normal mode he boots also correctly, but when I click onto something he freezes (hour glass).

I was able to open the task manager by pressing ctrl+alt+del like mad and could see no program which leaches so much CPU-Power…

to Vettetech:
Steam launched and I could start e.g. CS 1.6, but when he tried to get the server lists, he couldn’t connect to the SteamServers, only way was to disable G Data Firewall.

So my question now is, what I could do to:

  1. Get WinXP to work again (maybe I forgot some registry entries ?).
  2. How/Whether I can use CPF and G Data.

Sorry I was not of any help! hope you get this fixed soon (:HUG)

Did you add “gameoverlay” to G Data? Is there a learn mode for G Data? No matter what do not use 2 firewalls. If G Data is to blame them I would ask them for a refund and uninstall it. Use Comodo 3.0 along with Avast. You are gonna be just as protected. I do not know the power of G Data’s firewall but I am sure it is no where near the power of Comodo which just got voted #1 firewall again. I am a gamer and use Avira Premium 8 along with Comodo 3.0. I got Avira free for 6 months.

Thats not true Kyle. ^^ you asked questions some other maybe also had and so I have already answered them (:LGH) .

GameOverlay was added to G Data Trusted Applications ^^ and it has a train mode.

Nevertheless, even if I wanted to delete G Data… i couldn’t -.- .

So what your saying is you cannot uninstall G Data now? What about uninstalling it in safe mode. There is always a way.

Hm… this could be a way, but I fear that this is not the solution of my problem.

I can test it later in the evening, when I’m home again, I will report about this.

Thanks so far Kyle & Vettetech.


(Don’t wonder about “when I’m home again”, you have to add 7 hours to this server time for German time zone ^^)

I dont know what to tell you. You cannot use 2 firewalls period. Your pc freezes when you use Comodo and G Data together. Steam doesnt work with G Data. Seems to me your only choice is to dump G Data and keep Comodo.

If Safe Mode is fine, then it’s likely to be a driver conflict of some kind because Safe Mode only loads the bare minimum drivers/devices/files from Windows.

In Safe Mode: Can you check for any Event Viewer log errors. Also check Device Manager (show hidden devices) - if possible, upload a screenshot of the hidden devices here.

I fixed the problem yesterday.

All I did was uninstalling G Data.
Sounds easy, but it wasn’t.

Though neither G Data nor CPF were listed in Control Panel → Software, I had to delete both manually… including all registry entries. -.- A lot of work as you can imagine.

Now everything works correctly. I installed G Data for now. I think when my G Data license is out of date I switch to Comodo & Avast.

Thanks to all helpers!


@ Soyabeaner: There wasn’t any problem shown in Device Manager. I think the point weren’t the minimum drivers from Windows but the deactivated services (G Data e.g. is a “service”).

So your not gonna play Steam games? I would rather play Steam games then keep G Data.