WinXP SP3, CIS v7.0.317799, CID, PrivDog threat indicator [SOLVED]

It appears that the threat indicator is only appearing when CID is sandboxed.

o.k., this is clearly a configuration issue. I just copied the CID profile folder into the sandbox after add-ons updated while the browser wasn’t running. Now the threat alert doesn’t function in either default or sandboxed browser.

Hi WxMan1,
Is your system 64-bit?


No, but its workin’ now.

Dunno. There was an Flash update that came in while the browser wasn’t running. So I poofed the profile folder in VTRoot; don’t think I did it cleanly. There’s two CID profile folders - USR_APPDATA & USR_LOCAL_APPDATA - the Macropedia folder, and then %USERPROFILE%\Local Settigs\Temp

Dunno what I did, but it wasn’t workin’ in the sandbox. So I poofed everything in VTRoot and restarted the browser. Now the browser came up in total default mode. I didn’t want to go through setting the whole stinkin’ thing up again. So I wacked everything and removed CID from the sandbox and launched it again. It came up in the sandbox again!

I’m noticing that it seems to take a long time for CIS to activate changes made. You may be returned to the GUI, but the changes actually aren’t active (until after SYSTEM process dies - that’s the key). Well, not actually dies, per se, just not sucking up 100% CPU (which it does after all the other CIS process do their gyrations at 100%).

I killed it, checked CIS and verified it was NOT in the sandbox and launched CID again. This time default CID launched with my theme, extensions and toolbar layout and lo and behold the PrivDog threat indicator was glowing in all beauty and splendor!

So I shut 'er down. Copy the aforemetioned folders into VTRoot, put CID into the sandbox and launch it. Yay! Works now. Last long time.

I love that threat indicator; that’s how I figured out why TVGuide/Listings was broken. But I didn’t notice the indicator until I sandboxed CID; TVGuide has been broken for a week and me sending off nasty eMails. Once I put it into the exceptions the web site began working. Wish I could figure out WHICH threat is the linchpin to get the I’ll Watch counter to work. But alas such is not to be; either block ALL threats on the page, or allow ALL threats to function.

Good to hear that you have solved the issue. :-TU