WinXP says my cable is unplugged suddenly with comodo firewall

this just happened recently
when im surfing the net randomly or doing p2p,suddenly winxp says that my ethernet cable is unplugged,resulting in the total loss of connection
this happened in comodo v2,and i was so frustrated that i switched over to v3 to see if it works,to no avail

my current setup is my desktop is connected wired to my router(i just changed the ethernet cable to make sure)
and another computer connected wirelessly.i initially thought my ethernet port of my mobo was ■■■■■■■,so i tested doing intensive p2p connections directly from my adsl modem to it,but it tested out fine
i already disabled the packeted ip datagrams option under the attack detection settings so theres no ticked settings.
i have no idea whats causing all these,short of changing the router
but hopefully u guys could help me with this persisting problem

Check your NIC settings first. Usually “ethernet cable is unplugged” messages occur because the NIC is disabled and can’t get a connection. Check the settings for your router DHCP server also. Can you do a “repair” for your NIC and get the connection back again?

what kind of settings shld i look for?
like lease time?by default my router sets the time as 1440 mins
im using the dlink dgl4300 btw
thanks for the fast reply tho

Under “properties” what else besides IP v4 is checked?
Sharing tab-not checked
Under IP V4 properties (TCP/IP v4)
Obtain IP address and DNS address automatically
For dhcp server on d-link
what range of addresses and netmask?
other server settings (don’t have a d-link :slight_smile: )
If these look ok, you might try a fixed IP for your computer. There is a dhcp bug in CFP3, but this symptom is not one that has been reported. Usually those affected by the bug are unable to connect.

i have this for my dhcp
does it help?

I know people hate hear this but it is almost impossible for Comodo to cause this by itself and as it sounds like an intermitant issue, it is probably not a driver issue have you tried a different cable(missed that in my first read trough) it also could be the female RJ45 connetion on the router or the nick or Its probably not USB because if you are having USB problems the network adapter will disappear when the connectors are bad. however if you are using a USB it could be something related to this. Try a different USB cable or different USB port It could be almost anything.

Now if you a just losing connection without the message that a cable has been disconnected. this could be a dhcp issue , but just from what I read it does not sound like one.

Not saying I´m always right but this sounds like a hardware issue to me


Good luck

Edit where does that snapshot come from it not from any version of CFPv3 I’ve ever seen. Is it from your P2P software. As I said A dhcp issue should not cause a cable disconnect message, but then again I will admit ihave seen PCs do wierd things

I had this problem a while back with a d-link router on broadband,i think it was the router would renew its IP now and again causing a network cable is unpluged error while it renewed from the ISP.
Have a look at your router settings to see if it can be stoped mine just suddenly stoped doing it.
I`ll have a look in my routers settings to see if i can see anything which may be applicable.If both drop at the same time its gotta be the router.

Regards Matty