WinSpy in a Comodo process?


Windows Defender running somewhere in the background of my Vista just detected WinSpy. Full of excitement, I went to greet the newcomer, only to realize the process ID WD marked it as wearing, was actually the pid cfp.exe was running with. What to make of this?

Thanks for answering


Can you upload the file in question to virustotal and post a link to the results?

Also, where is the file located?

Most likely though this is a false positive and you can report it as such here.

Thanks for the speedy reply, Chiron. It was a process, it was running with the pid of cfp.exe according to Windows Defender, and the Defender slaughtered it couldn’t save a piece of its skin to show.
Was wondering might WD be detecting some signatures inside the Comodo process, and thought you Comodo folks would know that.

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