WinRar v3.93 and 7Zip

Maybe it interfered with my trial installed WinRar !

Yes, a probability for that…

Note that it’s not worth to ■■■■■ WinRAR (and risk the malware probably coming either from the download site or the ■■■■■ itself) anymore: concerning unusual compressions formats, 7zip does the job and is free.

Yeah, I’ve uninstall my trial WinRar and downloaded 7-Zip ! Lol, and then I saw your post ! Do I have psychic potential or what ?! Not really ! Just searched with Google for a freeware alternative to WinRar and found numerous mentions about 7-Zip !

To be further noted, a gui uploading somewhere winrar in rar format is not very clever: every windows os since xp (but not 2k) natively supports zip.

An alternative if you need command line treatment of fancy compressed formats is powerarc.exe from the last free version of Power Archiver (6), but i don’t know if it can still be found elsewhere then on some peoples local disks.

Hi Guys, am just shifting this discussion to the free form discussion board prior to forwarding the report.

Hope that’s OK

Winrar is still better out of the two when it comes to faster compression speed and security. It also compresses the files in the most efficient manner when it comes to their native rar format… The only added advantage 7zip has is …its’ free!

You seem to forget that a large majority of users (including the OP “downloading” something) does not want to actually build rar files, but only to extract a format very popular on “the dark side” for also very dark reasons.

If not speaking of Linux systems (and there neither rar nor zip) and of real Dos, zip still remains the universal format on the Windows side.