winprvse is trying to modify after install

Hi I’ve just tried to install cpf on my computer but it proving way harder than it should be to get it to work properly. First of all the first thing that happens when I reeboot after the installation is that I get a warning that wmiprvse.exe (which afaik is a windows system file although cpf does not recognise it) and kav.exe (kasperky anivirus) is trying to modify certain things (like catroot and catroot2 for instance). Should I allow this or not? Is this normal?
Furthermore it seems that cpf is never warning me when an appliction is connecting to he internernet or evenrying to act as a server. It just quietly let it do its thing which is quite worrying to me is this a part of th default settings? How do I change this?
thank for any help to get me started and configure this correctly

What mode is the firewall element in? It should be in “Safe Mode” as for Defense+ it should be in “Training Mode” or “Clean PC Mode” for a few days to learn your system and then changed to Safe mode.

With regards to wmiprvse.exe, this, as far as I know is normal behaviour.



Thanks for the help.
The defense mode is in safemode and the defense+ mode is in clean PC mode. I accepted that wmiprvse modifed the settings and now I get 27 files belonging to commodo is in the pedinglist as modified. I must say that its not a good thing for a firewall to start sending out false warnings if that is the case right after installation.

You can Purge or even remove the Pending files from that list. Defense+ is just learning your system at this stage. Put it in Training Mode for at least a day, it’s a lot easier and that way Defense+ willl LEARN your system.


ok commodo is really beginning to get on my nerves i’ve changed to training mode and all that is happening that any application that I start gets put in the appliction rules as allowed (without asking me first) to connect to anything from to any ports with any protocall… that can’t be right what am i doing wrong here?

If you put Defense+ into training mode it will LEARN and automatically create rules for applications on your system. if you put it in Safe mode. It will throw up an alert for every executable ran. I had suggested putting Defense+ into Training Mode so you don’t have to spend hours dealing with Popups and instead learning your system.

Either way is up to you…


Hi Marren,

V3 basically has the Firewall section and the HIPS section it sounds like you are refering to the Firewall when you say application rules.If you want to be alerted about things connecting out put the Firewall in “Custom” then you will be alerted to every application connecting out which doesn`t have a rule in application rules.
You can Modify your “Application Rules” to as you like(Web browser policy,Outgoing only etc). As far as Defence+ settings it is wise to do as Eric said and put it in “Training Mode” for a few days then to switch up to “Safe Mode”.