WinPE error - this fix worked for my Win7 64 bit

This information is from a previous post, and these instructions worked for me.


This worked for me.
Win 7 64-bit

Download latest CBU, installed, and was getting the “An error has occurred while creating the WinPE image.”.
Closed CBU.
Went to and download version
Ran the downloaded installation exe file. You get 2 choices, Repair or Uninstall, chose Repair.
It did its repair.
Start CBU like normal.
During the creating of the WinPE image it said I needed to reboot. I chose not to reboot and it worked fine.
The version noted, in the status bar, at the bottom of CBU still shows version 4.4.1.
Good Luck.

Thanks mate!! Helped me a lot !!