Winpatrol Alerts in D+ log

I haven’t looked at my D+ log in a while, but today I noticed that Winpatrol is triggering an Access Memory alert about every 10 seconds. Target is CFP.exe My D+ setting is Safe Mode, and Winpatrol is set to custom policy with ALLOW for all access rights, Protection settings (Disabled). I tried just setting it as a Trusted Application in Security Policy but it makes no difference. Winpatrol.exe still triggers an alert about every 10 seconds. Any Ideas on how to at least disable the alert.

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CIS has auto protection, so it won’t let access to its files. Look in WinPatrol if you could exclude CIS from the things WinPatrol surveys.

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What you see as Boris 3 says is CIS self-defense and completely normal. there is a way to make such alert disappear but I think it’s better if you only have CIS installed and uninstall Win Patrol; they are both, that would be Win patrol and d+, HIPS and CIS has, if I am not wrong, more advanced HIPS component.

If you necessary want to keep Win Patrol and if this causes high cpu usage please tell me and I will reveal how to do give Win Patrol memory access to CIS’s cfp.exe.

Valentin N

Thanks for your replies. I realize that Comodo does have a far better HIPS capability than Winpatrol. I have used Comodo since it’s first release way back when. I could just uninstall Winpatrol, but sometimes I like it for it’s simpleness. I have a bad habit when I am installing a program that I know is safe, of just clicking through the countless D+ messages without really thoroughly reading each one. WP is a good second defense in this case, warning me of filetype changes or homepage hijacking. CIS and WP have always worked well together until now. I think the memory flags may have began after a recent Winpatrol version update.

Go to Defense+ → Computer Security Policy → scroll down to the Comodo Internet Security → right click it and select Edit → Customize → Protection Settings tab → make sure that Interprocess Memory Accesses is set to Active and click on Modify → Add → Browse → browse to the C:/Program Files/BiilP Studios/WinPatrol → move WinPatrol.exe and WinPatrolEx.exe to the Selected items → Apply.

Thanks, can’t really try it right now, working night shift, but I’ll try it when I get home. It makes sense though to just make an exception for winpatrol. Thanks again for the help. I don’t really know why WP needs to address CIS though.

i use winpatrol too but never had this issue, but i do this tip in case of ^^ thx

As Valentin N says,you should really only have Winpatrol or D+ not both together since there’ll be a large area of overlap.While on the surface they might appear to co-exist happily there’s no telling what undesirable effects may occur and you could actually be reducing your security if any conflicts arise.

That said,if you are running both you’ll need to ensure that they interract as little as possible and any obvious duplication of coverage should be dealt with by customising the rules of one or the other.

winpatrol is a hids, defense+ is a hips.

I’ve never used Winpatrol personally,but I’ve often seen it described as a light HIPS.However reading about the technology used it does seem to be detection rather than prevention.Whether or not it adds anything in terms of overall security is open to debate.

I added winpatrol.exe to the Interprocess Memory Access section and no more alerts. Thanks to all. I’ll keep Winpatrol around for a while, I have used it for at least 2 years without any (known) conflicts until the last update. If I do see any more problems though, I will probably uninstall and just use d+ but I like a few of the features of WP. They’re really 2 completely different types of protection though, aren’t they? Hips and Hids? I would never use 2 AV programs on the same computer, but these aren’t antivirus programs and I don’t see what would conflict here. All Winpatrol really does is watch your Hosts File, File Extensions, Certain registry keys (Windows security settings etc.), and startups and warns you when a change is made.

My thanks to Deadman. The Interprocess Memory issue has been one I’ve received a few Emails about and I’m glad to now have the steps to provide other WinPatrol users with a solution.

Thanks again,
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