Winn32/Virut Absolute disaster !? Help ....Please....

Using my friends laptop, as my PC is pretty much completely disabled. Windows XP 2000 SP2 , ran AVG 8.0 free took 3 1/2 hours found over 1500 threats with Winn32/Virut tag that could not be removed. This morning tried to see what happened, everything is frozen pretty much. This probably sounds extremely amateur and I apologize but I can follow instructions to a T and am somewhat resourceful. Some guidance would be greatly appreciated . I have all day to work on this. I did try and search the topics thorougly and came up with nothing, I apologize in advance for änother newbie who downloaded a bad file"!! Thanks

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Please read this Here.

Thanks for your quick response Dennis , I cannot even get online on my PC to download files ?? I hope I don’t sound too slow ! Be patient with me

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Please read this first :

Greetz, Red.

Thanks rednose :slight_smile: I think this girl is ready to throw in the towel ! I bought my computer a couple of years ago, I have no programs it all came loaded with them. Could you walk me or somebody walk me through reformatting and cleaning everything ? Much appreciated im not sure how to reload as well ? Thanks a lot for your help

Thanks for providing the link Rednose :slight_smile:


Dennis, do you have time ?

The only thing what she shouldn’t do is to backup .exe or .scr files, or even compressed files ( zip/rar/cab ) with .exe or .scr files, because Virut is capable of infecting them in compressed files too.

Greetz, Red.

It is not so much time as knowledge, format reinstall is something I have never done I use a Image to go back to if I have any problems.
Thanks for your further advice.
PS Have posted a help note on the Mod board.

i just been strucked by virut… ;D…so i have to delete all *.exe in all of my partitions… O0…also included *.rar too…

now i have to reinstall again…this time all of my *.exe in other partitions have been ecrypted…will it prevent virut from attacking the files???

I sujest you guys take a look at this movie, it’s rather long, but when you skip the setups you will get a great guide on how to remove virut infections !


why effort to update the definations is so slowwwwww??? it stucked at 30% a hour ago… (:AGY)