WINHTTP.dll was not found error

An error message was displayed after installing Vengine and rebooting the PC. it show that the application failed to start because WINHTTP.dll was not found.

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Do you have ‘winhttp.dll’ in WINDOWS\system32? If yes, open the start menu, click Run and write ‘cmd’. In the command prompt window, write ‘regsvr32 winhttp.dll’, it’ll re-register the DLL.
If it’s not there, download the attached file (it’s the latest version of winhttp.dll for Windows XP). Then register it like I described above.


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I have done the above and got winhttp.dll doenloaded (quite a feat in itself as I’m a novice with computers) I now get the error message

‘sorry windows live programs connto be installes on windows server, windows xp professional
x 64 edition or windows operating systems earlier tha windows xp service pack 2’

I have windows xp, please can anyone tell me what I need to do now?


If you can not find this dll file from in WINDOWS\system32\ then you should download it from Google.

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