wine's iexplore.exe as malware?

CAVL reports wine’s IE executable as bad. Is this a false positive or what? In any case could this have any effect on linux? I’ve submited this more than a month ago but still shows up as such. Virustotal shows 5/43 for it, so something is tricky… or not?


Can you post a link to the VirusTotal-analysis? Thanks. :slight_smile:

VT’s log is here: VirusTotal

Edited link, since “Posting of shortened or obfuscated links is not allowed.” (§ 8.10) - JoWa


I recommend reporting the detection here:
or here: Comodo Antivirus Database | Submit Files for Malware Analysis

Windows-applications running in Wine can access the current user’s files, but not system-files, unless you run Wine as root. On Ubuntu you can use AppArmor to secure Wine. See Securing Wine