WinErrorFixer 2007

A friend of mine has got his computer infected with WinErrorFixer 2007 and nothing I’ve tried seem to be able to remove it. Neither Norton Internet Security, Spybot Serch & Destroy or BoClean are able to even find that it’s there. Everytime the computer is booted a popup appear saying it tries to download something for WinErrorFixer, with a progress bar that doesn’t show any progress. I’ve searched on Google to no help. Found some utility that was supposed to remove it but didn’t. Probably another rogue program. So I wonder if there might be anyone here who knows what to do.
When my friend bought his computer he got all software preinstalled and no CD’s so he can’t format the harddrive and reinstall the system.

Have not heard about this one yet. I did find this info, and scan, to try. Don’t know if this is the scan you tried, or if it is any good. The information on the site does show this to be a nasty little bug. Good luck.
Sorry your friend got stiffed on his backup discs. When I have to buy a new computer, whether for myself or someone else, I INSIST that the Microsoft recovery disc is given to me (and the license key sticker is attached to the computer) or NO SALE.

Honestly spybot is good but not that good, BOclean is for trojans, and norton blows. Try spysweeper or spyware doctor.


I am sorry to hear about your infection, try Spyware Terminator and AVG Antispyware, those are both good programs. If we cannot find a program which will detect and remove this malware for you we may need to do a manual removal.

Also if you’re using a newer version of Windows try performing a System Restore and restoring the PC to a time when it was not infected.


Someone here recommended SuperAntiSpyware once. Perhaps that helps.

Superantispyware should remove it I think. If it does not you could try SmitFraudFix:

Instructions are on the page that the link leads to.


When my friend bought his computer he got all software preinstalled and no CD's so he can't format the harddrive and reinstall the system.
There should be a file/partition somewhere on the computer that is the built-in "Rescue CD." It's my understanding that is how a lot of these are done nowadays; instead of a physical CD, it's a kind of virtual CD built in to the computer.

Not sure exactly how that works, though.


Hi mate,

I would also suggest
If it doesn’t help than there is a little program called rogue remover You may give it a try.

Thanks for your replies. I will try your suggestions next time I go over to my friend and then I’ll tell you if it worked.

By the way he’s using Windows Vista.