Windows8 is out now, what will happen to CTM?

Now win8 developer preview is out, will CTM survive?
Thx :slight_smile:

Hope the programmers say something…

it sounds like its going to be integrated into CB;msg547005#top

Sounds like that will be true
Waiting for Melih’s great news~~

I don’t like CB - I tried it several times and my comp got freezed. I adore CTM.

I wish Comodo would come up with a clean updated version that supports SSDs and TRIM. If the guys at Rollback RX can do it then I’m sure Melih’s crew can. I tried Rollback RX and I have to say I much prefer CTM. It just needs to be made solid and stable across a variety of different hardware and to support TRIM as well.

Another feature that would have been extremely usefull, is the ability to save snapshots on different drives/partitions and on optical media. I realize this will be like a backup but it would be really usefull in order to save your snapshots before unistalling CTM. You would then be able to install a new version and then import those snapshots back to the protected drive to enable quick recoveries. Such features can’t be that hard to implement!