Windows7 Firewall and Comodo both report they are turned off

I do have the W7 firewall turned off so part of the notice is correct.

Following the prompts in the W7 Action Center to turn on Comodo does not work.
But, going to the Comodo console shows ‘All systems are active and running’
The taskbar icon shows activity when surfing, Firewall Events show activity to the current minute.
This just started in the last two days. I have made no known changes to the firewall.

So, how do I get Win7 to turn on Comodo on or to recognize that Comodo IS turned on?

There is an option to turn off the notification but I do not wish to do so.

No answer?
Okay, how about this. Since Comodo reports in its control center that all is well can I safely assume that it is running properly? If not how to check and see what is the actual status. The icon indicates activity also. I simply need to know just who to believe, Windows7 or Comodo.

Rebooting solves this for a couple of minutes then whindows starts complaining again that both are turned off.

You may try this. go to here and read my replies.

About Windows firewall and Windows defender.
You must turn off Windows firewall and Windows defender at the ‘Services’ by manually.
Administrative Tools>services

Also recommend to read.

Try the following reset of the Security Center:
Open a command prompt by clicking Start → Run. Type cmd and click OK.

In the command prompt window, type NET STOP WINMGMT /Y and press ENTER.


Type EXIT and press ENTER to close the window.

Restart the system. Windows should start normally, but you may be prompted to restart the system once more to complete the changes caused by resetting the core repository. You may also need to restart once more if Windows Security Center still does not detect your security product.

EricJH, Thank You. I will try that the next time this happens, which it will!

Am I safe to assume this is just Win losing its bearing and that CIS IS still running?

The system recognizes Comodo after a reboot but then after a few hours or a day it will then revert to reporting that both Win FW and CIS are turned off although both the CIS icon and CIS console report activity.

I will assume there is no known answer as to whether Comodo is actually running when Win7 reports that both FWs are turned off even though CIS console states that it is operating properly.

You can open CIS and look at the System Status report under Summary. When it reports a problem try running Diagnostics (under Miscellaneous).