Windows XP starting problem

Windows XP Pro SP updated
IBM ThinkPad R50e

I had latest version of CAVS downloaded last night. On first reboot after installation, Windows XP froze and had to cold restart. CAVS asked to update so it is done. I was using my computer for several hours. Opening my computer today I had this behavior:

After displaying Windows desktop, Windows security notifications icon on tray reported that my computer is under danger because both firewall and antivirus not found installed. After a few seconds and before booting is completed, I had the blue screen with several lines and some memory addresses. Text information is not recognizable on blue screen because it is in Greek but screen font does not support Greek, I can only read English. System automatically rebooted 1-2 seconds after blue screen displayed. I had to reboot in safe mode and uninstall CAVS in order to use my system normally. Now I’m only using Comodo Firewall.

If some more information is required please ask.

Regards, Panagiotis.

I have the same problem.
Windows turns into BSOD after starting.
I have WinXP SP2 with latest update.
It looks like driver for on-access scaner works not fine.
Unintalled. Waiting fixed Beta or Release.
Guys, you doing a great job! Keep going! (:CLP)