Windows XP Services Needed for Wireless Internet?

Wireless internet is something completely new to me, despite that my PC is a laptop.

Now, I’m thinking of connecting my laptop to a small private wireless network. Does anyone know which Windows services I need? I’m asking because I usually turn off all services except 7 or so, to save system resources.

What about Wireless Zero Configuration and Wired AutoConfig (I guess this one isn’t needed as it was introduced with SP3, and wireless internet surely worked pre-SP3…)? Anything else needed?

Thank you for any advice.

Have you got it fixed? otherwise I think that you might want to try to write up your current config and then go to set it to the safe setup and make sure you connect fine first.

After that you can start disabling service after service (STOP, then disable) (walking more and more to your 7 services only setup), going with trial and error, If it still works, FINE. That was probably not needed… leave it off, if your internet dies ■■■■ reenable the service (it was probably needed)!
That would be my way of solving this. =)

Thx for the tip, I guess I’ll have to do it that way unless someone know exactly which services are needed.

No, haven’t tried it yet, and it’ll take at least two weeks before I visit a place with a wireless network. :-\

LOL! the cleanfreak can’t have wireless internet

pwned! >_< ;D

sorry,can’t resist (:TNG)

You’re welcome O0

Here are the services I use and it enables wireless :slight_smile:

DHCP client
Event log (needed for audio, strange…)
Plug and play(needed for audio, strange…)
Windows Audio

so I guess you do need some of them :). DHCP for sure and WZC and I do advise you to enable Network Connections also :slight_smile:


Thx Xan, very informative. In essence I only need WZC then, except for the services I’ve already enabled (of which only DHCP Client is necessary for network). I see no need for Network Connections when using cable, so I guess I’ll be fine without it (like you) when using wireless.

Looking forward to try my new nLite CD. (:NRD)

Let me know if it works :slight_smile:


I will, though it’ll take at least 12 days from now. (:SAD)