Windows xp service pack 3?

Will this service pack affect Comodo Firewall and will anything have to be relearned such as applications and windows services that use the internet?

Greetings sanctuary24,

I don’t think it’ll affect CPF except that it might tell you that the cryptographic signature of some files like explorer.exe and iexplorer.exe have changed. It’ll be like after using Windows Update I think.


Which do you think will come first? SP3 or CF3?

You will most likely get some alerts for system file changes, but other then that you should not notice anything else, also by the time SP3 is released you can expect 3.0 to have already been released maybe even 3.x.x.x (version after 3.0).

Also I do not believe SP3 will cause any compatibility issues.


I agree with the previous posts. Also, I think SP3 will arrive next year, so I actually guess that CPF v3 comes first. :slight_smile: