windows xp drivers

hi ppl

i want to download all drivers for windows xp sp2

i want to re install os in my home pc bcoz it very slow and having some errors.i cant run pc in normal. i can only run in safe mode.

and plz tell me that do i have to install os in normal mode or safe mode or in bios settings?

thank u

First question what’s keeping you from migrating to SP3. Support for SP2 has ended unless you pay for it.

Just boot from the CD install it from there. Make sure you reformat the old partition. Don’t do a fast partitioning.

For drivers go to the various web sites of the makers of the chips used on your system.

Hi mittal,

Good advice from Eric.
SP3 is “a must have”! no question about it

Few things I can add at this point :

  • please download SP3 off-line standalone installer
  • after the reformatting & performing clean reinstall - apply that prior to installing any security
    The above 2 points are important! … you basically should not have any troubles, compare to on-line installation especially when other security are active

Sure “normal mode”
What do you mean by “or in bios settings”?
Please be more specific. You change needed BIOS settings after the installation
being sure that the system is working as a whole
We don’t know you hardware/BIOS yet … so not much can be advised

… well… definitely if you never updated the BIOS probably that would be the thing to do after some readings about your hardware - many settings could be quite specific.

1st thing 1st


i have cd of windows xp sp2 so i want to install it…

i will upgrade it to sp3 afterwards when i install sp2…to upgrade into sp3, there must be windows xp installed in pc

can u give me link for download drivers for free. i tried to search but i could not find good driver site.

also please tell me wat is the use of partition? i heard that i do not have to partition in fat32. wat is that mean.


i cant use my pc in normal mode. something file is deleted from windows folder in c drive so it showing me prefetch error.

i can only use pc with safe mode. can i use that cd in safe mode?

Ok what drivers do you need and what are they for?

The easiest way would be to go into the BIOS, normally continually pressing Delete when you start the computer. Next you need to find the setting “first boot device”. This will probably be set to Hard Drive, you need to change it to CD/DVD. Now put the XP cd in the disc drive and start your computer, it will boot from the XP cd where you can do a clean fresh install after following the instructions, formatting the disc, etc.

You shouldn`t need any drivers, but just in case what is your computer?


i m using INTEL pentium p4 dual core processor

Now put the XP cd in the disc drive and start your computer

u mean i have to put cd after i change hard drive into cd/dvd? and have to put cd without shut down pc?

Okay mittal, by the looks of it you`ve not done a re-install before so i will try and help you through little by little.

First off we need to change the computer so it looks for a CD/DVD when it first starts. This will enable it to reload XP from scratch.
What you need to do is switch of the computer completely. Now when you switch it back on continually tap the DELETE key. You should see a message at the bottom “prepare to enter setup”.
This is the BIOS (basic input output system), you should hopefully be greated with something similar to picture 1.

Now using the UP and Down arrows on your keyboard move down to “Advanced BIOS features” and press enter. Hopefully you should have something like picture 2.

This is where we set the First Boot Device so with the arrow keys move down to that and press enter, you should hopefully have something like picture 3. You need to move the square so it is next to CDROM and press enter.
This should take you back to the previous screen but First Boot Device should be CDROM (picture 4).

We need to save setup now. Press F10 (or whichever is Save and Exit) make sure you select Y for yes and press enter. Your computer will restart but you will see the message “Press any key to boot from CD/DVD”.
Let the computer start, put your XP cd into the drive and shut down. Restart the computer and when the “press any key to boot from CD/DVD” message appears press a key.
The system should now boot from the XP cd, follow the instructions to re-install. Here is a good video explaining the process How to Format and Reinstall Windows xp - YouTube

Any questions just ask.


p.s.Do not change any other setting while in BIOS just the first boot device

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thank u so much matty. i read all ur post slowly slowly and done format.

i done format first time as u said and i m happy to learn it.

u teached me this formatting so good. in my pc the settings of bios comes by pressing F2. i tried to press DELETE button but nothing happens so i press F2

i installed windows xp sp2 and then i download windows xp sp3 and installed it on sp2…

now my pc is with windows xp sp3

thank u so much…

one problem is comong that when i try to install microsoft directx 9 from my software cd, it installs successfully but gives error.

is there any way to uninstall microsoft directx so that i can re install it again. may be it work. :-\

Download the latest Direct X, June 2010, here from Filehippo: Download DirectX 9.29.1974.1 for Windows - and install it. Hope that helps.

but i already installed directx from cd. how i can install 2 directx in pc… this not make any error? how to deleted old directx? or uninstall it

i tried to install as u said. but still not work.

wat is the use of directx?

is it important to install?

Later versions of Direct X will update the present Direct X version. That’s why I pointed you to the latest version.

What error do you get with the installer of Direct X? Can you post a screenshot?

installation is getting complete but when i try microsoft genuine, it says me error of directx. and to install latest directx. so i say directx is not working in my pc.

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I see. The validation process failed. But if I understand things correctly this warning comes after installing? Then I assume the installation of Direct X may have worked.

Direct X is an interface, API, between media and game applications to Audio, Video, CD/DVD and other hardware. In that sense it is important to keep it updated.

Hi mittal,

That is not clear how and why did yo made a conclusion that error (as depicted) about ActiveX belongs to DirectX?
“Genuine Advantage” (WGA) is an ActiveX control itself to be download & which checks the authenticity…

Another question is: Have you applied SP3 already?

Interestingly enough and unfortunately the re-installation of Windows and in many cases applying SP3 in particular can cause “GA” to be broken.
Sure not always, but that is a bug.

What I did few times after successful off-line installation of SP3 - on clients’ computers - just called Microsoft, they asked few questions in order to to confirm some installation details and you are given a new code/“Product Key”

My regards

yes i installed sp3 in my pc.

so u mean there is a bug in sp3 for microsoft genuine. that mean evrything ok in pc?

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this error comong from when i did not installed directx. i installed afterward when it showed error to install directx 9.0 but still not solved problem after installing it

Thanks for the reply, mittal.

No, I did not mean that the bug is just “because of SP3”

That is MS general bug, despite they declare that in most situations the cause is - illegal copy of the System.
That can just happen for many reasons, therefore I advised to contact their support
Otherwise, again No - that does not mean that “everything is Ok”

You will be buggered & bothered by those messages (sure there is a way to suppress them)
You may be able to download common security patches, but not all of them;
you will not be able to download additional Software & security patches even if you will install some legal Software, say Office , etc.


the error coming when i try to check genuine. i tried in sp2 and did not got any error in it. i got error in sp3… seems like something not fixed in sp3.

thank you.