WINDOWS WON'T BOOT (not winlogon issue)

I installed CAVS Beta upgraded from 1.1beta but after that Windows shows BSOD before logon screen.
The BSOD disappears immediately (even if “Automatically reboot” in system property is unchecked) and no minidumps are created.
I used knoppix and searched winlogon.exe in hard drive but it was present in C:\windows\system32.
winlogon was not quarantined.

When I choose “Last Known Good Configuration” at startup Windows come back from the grave.
But I got CAV003 error and cavasm.sys is in C:\Windows\LastGood.

My Windows is XP SP2.

Hi vid,
It seems service related issue during updgradation from 1.1. Did you completely un-install CAV 1.1 and rebooted your system? Did you get any error message during un-installation of CAV 1.1?

Just for re-confirmation: Pls uninstall currently installed version and reboot. Then again reinstall CAV 1.1 and reboot. Now, uninstall CAv 1.1 and reboot. Check you r system, if every thing is fine, pls install CAV

If you dont have CAV 1.1 setup, click here to download CAV 1.1 setup

If you have any problem in un-installation of CAV 1.1 pls get manual un-installation tool at,6152.msg45350.html#msg45350


Yes,I did uninstall using tool above but no luck…

I formatted my hard drive and reinstalled windows but it still shows BSOD before logon screen.
After some try and errors I finally found CAVS conflicts with Daemon Tools 3.47.
I removed d347bus.sys from c:\windows\system32\drivers and it booted successfully.

But it occurs only on my Panasonic note PC.
My another desktop is working fine with CAVS and daemon.
So it may be conflict of CAVS,Daemon and something else.