windows warning

First thanks comodo team for these programs. (V)

I have comodo Firewall.AV and malware. Windows is giving a warning that there is no anti virus running and yet the AV tells me that all is well

you meanBOClean?? funny—> comodo malware ;D
CAVS not detected by windows security center coz it still a BETA product.once it’s out of BETA phase then you’ll see it in WSC.

Your sig describes what yesterday was like for me (:CLP) yes of course you are right, (BOClean)

Thanks for the reply and now I understand.

You can always disable the Windows Security Center if it bothers you about something you know it’s all right.

And as a bonus disabling the security center means one less running process on your PC.

Start/Control Panel/Administrative Tools/Services then right click security center, click properties and set startup type to disabled.


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Maybe he was in a crowded pub. (:LGH)

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