Windows Vista Service Pack 2 goes RTM !


Yeah, it’s already around a while … ;D


Vista SP2 does run noticeably faster than Vista RTM or Vista SP1. Everyone should be urged to update to this Service Pack. A lot of compatibility issues have been fixed as well. I am thinking of downgrading from Windows 7 RC1 to Vista SP2, just because it’s a finalized system and my microphone works better under Vista than 7. IDT drivers are not compatible with 7 and crash it, so I need default drivers and they suck.

Happy upgrading everyone. :slight_smile: Or downgrading. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve already vLited Vista with SP2 integrated. Works fine :-TU A bit faster I think.

What I’ve noticed is thicker ClearType text and Alcohol’s automount now gets Explorer displaying the virtual drives’ mounted images and icons. Before they just appeared empty even though the stuff was indeed on 'em. I think it does this by polling the drives cause everytime I now open up Computer I hear the floppy spin a lil. Speed? I think a little on the UI, nothing noticeable though. Same RAM and CPU usage. Installing it didn’t take up any extra drive space, it actually cleared some 500MB but they were all filled back up after a few hours. :frowning: Not disappointed at all. My only disappointments with Vista were way back before SP1 when a couple of progs I needed weren’t working.