Windows Vista? [RESOLVED]

The only product I’ve been able to find so far is Trend Micro’s Internet Security v14. I’m not a fan of Trend (used to be), but they are generally less intrusive than Symantec or McAfee. I installed it today and haven’t seen any problems yet, but would prefer a few more choices.


There are no versions of CPF or CAVS that are available yet for Windows Vista but I believe there will be in early 2007.



Isn’t that when Vista is scheduled to come out or has Microsoft pushed that date back? If we don’t get some good AV prog’s out soon the virus makers will be way ahead of us before Vista is released.
I know this version of CAV 1.1 will install on Vista, but it causes problems with accessing the internet and launching programs such as regedit or IE. Even if you go into CMD and type ping it will not work.


For now, you can run Trend’s beta 14. It’s good till October.

I’ve read where allot of people have had success with AVG and Vista


Also, there is avast! which is free and works well with Vista according to reviews.


I’m currently running Vista in a MS VM, with Avast. It seems to be working ok.

Is there any hope of Comodo folliwing suit and bringing out a version that supports Vista?




Yes from what I have heard Comodo is scheduling a Vista compatible version of Comodo Antivirus around January. January is the month that Vista will be generally available. Of course the corporate and business versions will be released first, I believe in November but don’t hold me to that. But you must remember that Vista is not yet released and it will be a good year after it is released before a lot of programs are available for it.

P.S. What do you think of the current Beta? Is it stable? Would you consider upgrading to it after it has been released? How does it run?

In between blue screens, beta 2 build 5384 is very stable. It runs till it doesn’t run any more, then in typical Windows fashion, you reboot. This happens every few days. An application will stop responding (IE7, Outlook 2007, etc…) and then the blue screen strikes. No data lost, but it does get annoying. Upon reboot, it goes through the motions of reporting the problem and occasionally it will give a helpful response like “fixed in the next beta”. More often though, it’s some nebulous claim like “caused by a device driver” or even less information than that.

I will not upgrade. I’ll end up with it though because it will be the default installation from the Dell’s of the world and my clients will require me to support it. Sometimes progress isn’t.

BTW: I hate how they have moved menus again. It’s counter intuitive. Of course I define intuitive as the way things have been before. I’ll end up with a bunch of non-billable calls just telling people where things are.


I will keep that in mind, I will most likely stay with XP for a good while, even though I have a plan that I really think will work in getting Vista free, but even if I do get it I will still stick with XP until Vista has proven to be more stable and the applications get there.

GAAK!!! A blue screen while posting a response about blue screens… It’s a Microsoft conspiracy…

I was posting some really insightful stuff, but now I’m irked, so I’ll just say that you can download the latest Vista beta or order the DVD’s from Microsoft (you get the 32 bit and the 64 bit versions together.) In the US, the cost is around $10 and you get a license for 10 computers. If you need more, just register again and you’ll get another certificate with a new license for 10 more.

I have hot-swap drive trays that I use for testing like this. That way, if I hose an installation, it’s a quick replacement to get me back to a working system. I then re-clone to replace the bad installation on a spare machine.

Hmmm maybe Mr. Gates likes blue.

As for me getting the Beta, I think I’m fine with XP, I will wait until Vista is gold until I go through with my plan.

During the dump, it blamed ndis. The web link provided on reboot blamed the video. Removing Trend Micro’s PC-Cillin 14 fixed it. It has been two days now without a blue screen (had been happening every hour or so and was getting worse with each update.)

So… get crackin on a Vista release ;D

While reading the requests for a Vista version Comodo, etc…I think some may be missing a large fact here, Vista is completely beta right now. This means, it is simply in existence and nothing more. They may in fact make some major changes to the system or scrap it all together.

It was actually supposed to follow XP but I guess got pushed back. It was almost thrown to the MS dog pit but seems is still in the works. I think with Vista and all the issues surrounding it, vienna may be a good backup. I don’t know where the name came from but it sounds more like Gates is into a Lara Croft type scenario on this one. Tomb Raider-the whistler-blackcomb-vienna trilogy.

If you read up on it, it’s history, it’s actually older than XP. The reason I say this is because I see the Windows ME riot happening, everyone ran for it simply because it was new (and I don’t just mean here on this forum) and were very dissapointed. I won’t throw my technical opinions at anyone on ME or Vista for the sake of an eternal discussion being brought forth. What I will say is this…

Would it be wise for anyone to create an application that works with Vista when in truth the whole concept could be scrapped or changed drastically leaving others who built programs to work on Vista to stew in their “oh great, now we have to rebuild the whole program” juices.
Vista has went under many aliases, and has indeed almost been scrapped a few times and the possibility is here. I fear that many simply want a new OS and will accept anything without digging into what the OS is built on or future problems. I get many who say, “it’s great! awesome!” and blindly accept it’s many short comings. They claim high security, but I will take a guess and say Vista will (if goes through) be extremely unsecure, moreso than they figure. The compatability issues will be many, more than XP. I don’t say this for argument sake, but as a point to why (especially in BETA form) when nothing is certain, would I personally want to go through the trouble of building an application to work with this right now. So while it’s great to love a product from Comodo, (in my opinion only) I would not find it to be in their best intrest right now, from quite a few stand points.


Paul (B)

Sorry for posting here, didn’t see the RESOLVED before.


Depends if you want to own the market or just be a late contender.

Vista will happen. Yes, it’s a beta. A very widespread beta. I expect I’ll have to support it at some point, so I’m learning idiosyncrasies now while there is no pressure. I don’t like showing up for a client without some background. The Microsoft juggernaught will march on regardless and people will buy it one way or another. Personally, except for my Vista PC, I still run W2K. The OS is just a tool and until I cannot conduct my business, I’ll not likely upgrade unless it’s tied to a new PC purchase.

As for Comodo’s want or need to develop a product… That’s up to them. They make no money from it either way.

This is exactly why I said this was my opinion. I was simply saying it may not be in their best intrest while so many other developments when Vista is not a steady version right now. Also, I don’t for the life of me understand why when this is a forum for opinions etc…people must make statements like yours…
<<As for Comodo’s want or need to develop a product… That’s up to them. They make no money from it either way.>>
These are holier than thou statements that are meant to show your gratitude for comodo while making other statements seem low or bossy, playing the hero if you will ,but you have the right to do so and in fact leads me to the next…

I did not say they wouldn’t , shouldn’t , couldn’t , bettter not, I told them to, etc…I am not that small as to think I would tell anyone , let alone any company what to do. I feel that is more your opinion, which you are entitled to. I stated why I may not find it in their best interest if people are wondering WHY they haven’t. I wasn’t saying they won’t or otherwise. If you in fact read up, many program developers are on hold until they see a final version with good reason. While as you say, they make no money either way, is even more reason to maybe NOT want to spend the time and effort until a final version. So thank you for that point. So that said, if in any way you feel I was telling Comodo what to do, you are incorrect. I was merely giving a perspective on an incomplete BETA that so many think there should be support for, when in truth , even MS won’t have support for it. You can send errors etc…but that is all. Why? Because it’s BETA. Also do you know how many who downloaded BETA actually believe they have a free OS and don’t have to pay for it later? Many people don’t read the fine print. Myself and others have told them , yes, you will have to pay for the final version, and they indeed get upset. So it was wide spread but many had concerns about this.
So in closing, I am not upset with your post, just trying to iron out a few wrinkles on what you thought I meant. Take care.


Hmm… too much caffeine?

I do not advise Comodo in any way shape or form. I’m just a Trustix user.

My comment was a mere shoulder shrug. Melih and Comodo are already working on Vista compatibility and have posted in other threads that they anticipate a release in Jan, 2007. Comodo does not need me to be their hero. I’m too fickle anyway. I’ll use them until I find something better and then I’ll evangelize the new solution.

As for “holier than thou statements”, I’m not sure where those occurred, but I do know I only read what you wrote without trying to interpret; interpretation is too much work. If you interpreted a condescending tone in my post, then you misunderstood. I don’t treat people that way. Email and forums remove personality from conversation and hide meaning. It would make a world of difference if you were in front of me to debate the merits of Vista.

I see Vista as I’ve seen every other product to come out of Redmond. People will call me because it doesn’t work as they think it should and this will be no exception. Working in Vista at this stage is tedious and often frustrating. It’s counter-intuitive. If I didn’t feel a need to fully evaluate it before my clients receive it with their shiney new Dell, I would happily ignore it.

We don’t even have a disagreement over the viability of Vista as a product. In countering your opinion, I do not discount it; I just don’t agree with all your points. I feel Microsoft has too much invested to just pull it from production at this point and in one form or another, it will ship if for no other reason than placating the shareholders. I could be wrong. I’ve been wrong before, but the Sun still came out the following morning and the birds were singing. If I’m wrong this time, I doubt that my world will be any worse for wear.

I do agree with what you say. And yes the sun will come up tomorrow. If I misinterpeted your statement, then I am big enough to apologize. As you said, meaning and tone are a hard accomplishment in forums and email. I wasn’t mad and tried to apply that but if in fact I misunderstood your last statement, then once again the fault is mine. I do feel vista is going to be a major headache and I was one who happened to get a beta and simply, I think it’s going to be trouble. MS probably won’t stop the realease now that the investment is made and agree on that also. I just hope it doesn’t come down to Vista sp1 , 2 etc…like XP. What I meant by holier than thou statments is much applied to those who as in other forums, make a statement like your last but intended to make themselves look good like some white horse riding saint, but as I stated, above and apologized for. I am typing with my fingers taped together since I broke my finger today so my response may be late, ironically it’s my middle one which I have in fact been having some fun with others today while driving. I don’t need any effort to show those who cut me off what I think of them,lol. Any way, hope this is resolved, sorry about the misunderstanding ,

Take care,

You broke your finger driving???!!!

Obviously you’re too polite and the intermittent use has caught up with you. My wife, for example, has never broken her tongue!

Must be the training regime. :smiley: