windows vista home premium 64 bit software

my bro has a windows vista home premium 64 bit hp laptop. norton internet security 2009 was preinstalled with 60 days free subscription. the subscription is going to end in few days so i have recommended cis to him. i have windows xp sp3 and cis works flawlessly here. only the very first scan showed few false positives and i ignored them and after that no fps and no probs here. so few things i want to clear -------

does cis works perfectly on vista home premium 64 bit??

what is UAC in vista?? if cis is installed, UAC should be disabled or its fine to have it enabled and both will work without any issues.

open office
foxit reader
7 zip
vlc player
superantispyware free
malwarebytes antimalware free
adobe flash

are all these softwares officially 64 bit compatible.


Hey naren, UAC = User account control. It’s a very useful tool, But since your friend will be using D+ then it is safe to disable it. D+ fulfills UAC’s role and much more.

As for the list of applications there… Google is your best friend :slight_smile:

Take a look here:

thanxx replying. u mean to say UAC is like HIPS so if one has installed HIPS then its safe to disable UAC to avoid any conflicts. m i right?? by the way does UAC throws popups for every programs like comodo or only for suspicious ones??

i have xp sp3 and xp has DEP. i have cis installed so here too it is safe to turn off DEP??


UAC is much like LUA in XP only more user friendly… UAC isn’t a hips, It just places restrictions on what u can and can’t do.


I’ve seen this new Toshiba L550-11H. In the specs it says Vista HP 32-bit/64bit.

Does this mean that it has two OS?


Actually, be advised, UAC is as stated ‘USER Access Control’.
If there are other users on his system, and he does not wish them to run programs he marks safe/trusted with D+, UAC can prevent the users from running those programs (simply mark them as ‘Run as Admin’ under properties/Compatibilty).
Set UAC to notify only those users not with Admin access. This way, he won’t have to see/deal with UAC at all, but everyone else will.