Windows Vista Goes Gold


“After more than five years of intensive effort—and more than a few setbacks—today Microsoft announced that Windows Vista is complete. The company’s decision to release the product to manufacturing means that it will be available to volume-licensing customers—large companies, that is—at the end of November, and to consumers and small-business buyers around the end of January 2007”…

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Well after 5 years it seems Windows Vista is just about ready, what are your views on this? Will you upgrade? If so how long until you upgrade? If you decide to upgrade, which version will you purchase?

Personally I am staying on Windows XP Professional, it runs the way I need it to, however I have been doing a lot of work on Linux, and have been able to make it so Linux has an “Aero™” like appearence :D.

I think the question should be which Vista version will you buy? :wink:

Ok I edited it so it asks that :smiley: