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Has Microsoft stopped updates for SP2 through Windows Updates i.e I have XP SP2 & checking for windows updates gives error?

From ZD Net at June 23- 2010:

If you are still running Microsoft Windows XP SP2, you have less than a month to upgrade. The venerable SP2 (Service Pack 2) version reaches the end of its life on July 13, after which there will be no more updates. Malware writers are not going to stop targeting it, but Microsoft is going to stop updating drivers and patching holes, leaving users vulnerable.
Also check this Microsoft page.

According to Microsoft

support for XP ends at April 8 2014
That is XP with SP3.

The table in the link shows 13 July 2010 end data for SP2 support for XP.

But in 2011 I updated SP2 - SP3 & all the other updates through Windows Updates 2-3 times.


??? Your information is conflicting. In your opening post you say you have XP SP2. If I understand you correctly you say in your latest post you updated from SP2 to SP3. That would mean you are running XP SP3.

Please check under Properties of My Computer what SP is installed.

What I meant was …

The link you have provided shows XP SP2 support ends on 13 July 2010.

I have XP SP2 CD. And I have 2-3 times fresh installed & updated it in 2011 through windows updates.


Today I have again fresh installed XP SP2 & I am trying to update through windows updates but getting error.

1st, what kind of errors?
“getting errors” - is not informative at all
Then you can go to MS support site(s) & forums clearly stating those errors
Finally, it doesn’t make any sense leaving SP2.
You must install SP3 after reinstalling the system the way you described.
There is no such security that can help you to protect your system where the latest SP (and the following patches) was not installed.
My regards

I was trying to update the system through windows update coz through windows update SP3 is app 69 MB & the manual SP3 download package is app 316 MB.

But was getting error. I looked for the error & mostly found that the error was coz of SP2 support ended.

Now I downloaded & installed the manual SP3 & windows update is working fine now.

By the way, just like SP3 manual download, is there any way to download all the other critical & recommended updates manually i.e offline installation?

Correct, meaning the Off-line (“manual” by your term) installation package - that is the way to do that
(no internet, security disabled… etc.). Many users are experiencing issues with SP3 on-line installation

It wasn’t clear from your original message that you were trying to archive that

Glad you are up & running XP SP3 now


To answer your last question. There are two programs that can do this; they make an installation CD with SP and updates integrated:
Autostreamer 1.0.33