windows update

In my a sony computor, the key in registry \hkey_local_machine\software\policies\microsoft\windows\WindowsUpdate
always automatically generate a reg_dword value 1.
Whatevery and however i do, it always automatically added after some time.
I use comodo internet security, microsoft security essencials, comodo system-cleaner and etc, no virus found, no malware found.
I deleted every account in \hkey_local_machine\sam\sam\ execpt myself and only myself left. that is the original administrator and guest account also been deleted. i even deleted every network group and account in SAM\Domains\Biltin.
Still the “DisableWindowsUpdateAccess” (value 1) is alway automatically generated.
I also limited everyones’ access to that key. Still doesn’t work.

Hope, really hope some one could help me. thanks indeed!

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