Windows Update virus

I have Comodo installed on my brand new laptop…however, tonight when I turned it on, i got a message saying there was a windows update. Immediately after that, it was over. I can’t even log on in safe mode. How in the heck was this missed?

How in the heck can I fix this???

Any help would be appreciated…thanks.


What is the error message you get when you try to log into safe mode?

Do you have an installation DVD of Vista that came with the laptop. If so boot from the DVD and let it repair.

All I remember now is that nothing worked. I had to do an entire restore of the whole system. Toshiba does not include any recovery disks, and since this was brand new, I foolishly had not made any on my own.

My daughter bought the same laptop as I did. We then purchased 2 CIS pro licenses (didn’t know we didn’t have to!)…and both laptops got this virus.

I just wonder how it got by CIS on both computers.

I must say I am quite in the dark about what happened to both of your laptops. For troubleshooting having had access to safe mode would have been of help. But since safe mode could not be entered and therefor you were forced to restore it is unfortunately (virtually) impossible to find out what happened.

Two similar laptops having the same security program go similarly haywire. Who is to blame? The laptops configuration or the security program? The only way to get a is was doing a google search and see if more people using your particular laptop report the same problem and see if the others use Comodo or not.

Sorry I cannot be of more help for you right now…