Windows update of Skype detected like rootkit.hiddenfiles

Hi guys,

today i have run an optional update of windows 7 64bit.
This update (kb2876229) is a skype update (to the version

After this update i have scanned the system…

Norton → clean
Malwarebytes → clean
TDSS Kaspersky Rootkit scanner → clean

When i run CCE it found that the file
is a rootkit.hiddenfiles

Then when it tried to remove the file it failed because the file was already deleted.
Then i run another CCE scan but this time it doesn’t found anything…

So…Is it a false positive? Has someone found the same problem?

Thank you in advance


Was Windows Update running when you scanned the computer? If that was the case then a descrepancy may arise (first the file was there (it was downloaded); then it was no longer there (removed after installation)).

Or your on access AV solution did remove or quarantine it.