Windows Update error 0x80072efd with Win 8.1

Sorry for my bad english ;D
From a few days ago i’ve this problem when i try search new updates.
Until a few days ago it worked correctly without changing anything, solutions?

Thanks! :azn:

Does this solution work for you?

Sorry, i’ve the problem with windows update.

I changed your topic title to be more informative and will move your topic.

You can troubleshoot problems with installing updates

Since you windows 8.1 this will be the correct trouble shooter to download. This will fix certain updating issues, hopefully yours is one of them

This ‘could’ provide a solution - it helped me out with Microsoft Updates not working in Windows 7:

“At that point, you may have to place your HIPS on Training Mode (or simply add C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\SelfUpdate\Handler \WuSetupV.exe to the exception list.)”

[source: ]

Swarfendor437, the provide link is shortened (notice the dots in the url). Can you post the full url?

Hope this works!

Does running the Windows Update Readiness Tool help you?