windows update baulk on shutdown install

Hi All

Been having a windows update prob since running CAV’s Has happened about 3 times.I think it may be a HIP’s problem.

What has happened, the latest yesterday with a windows new update.
During shutdown install of new downloads the process has stopped installing & I think its because it is waiting for a HIP request to be answered.
Of course during shut down there is no way this alert is able to show. You can only see the close-down window advising the comp will shutdown after install is complete.

As I have said its only happened since CAV was installed. The only way to install the windows update is to do it manually checking the HIP requests as they come along. Then there is no problem with installation. Which makes me think it is a HIP problem on this shutdown install.

I also have Spyware Terminator which could also be causing the problem with its HIP’s
Although this is the first time a windows update has occurred since install of ST.
The other updates were happening with CAV as the only HIP programme on my comp.
I usually put Spy-Term. into “Install Mode” when doing a prog install which is something Comodo could think about with CAV

Just wonder if it could be as I think, or something else?
Interested in any answers or solutions.
Has anyone else experienced this “baulk” ?


I have noticed this on several occasions recently. I think, as you say, it may be due to updated files that are not then recognized by HIPS. When carrying out the installation afterwards I find HIPS asks mostly about MRT every time.

This is something developers need to consider with both the upcoming CAVS 3 and also the current CFP 3. I wonder has anyone noticed this problem with CFP 3 beta?


HIPS and deliberate installations are not, IMO, a good mix. If you know you are going to be installing (such as with Win Updates), I think you will find it goes much easier if you deactive/disable HIPS prior to beginning the installation process. I agree this is not something you want to do, but it always seems to cause problems (such as you’ve noticed).


PS: v3 has an “Installation Mode” and a predefined HIPS policy for “Windows Installer Applications” which combine to do pretty seamless installs. There will be some additional tweaking before the final release.