Windows Telemetry

I have been using Comodo Firewall Free for many years and find it to be intuitive for me. I basically just use the firewall part, use Custom Ruleset and have checked “Create Rules for Safe Applications”. My computer is Windows 11 Pro.

When I first install the firewall, it then asks me if I want to allow many of Windows systems to access the internet. I usually say no and if it breaks something, I reverse my answer.

It seems Windows Update always works and I never recall Comodo asking if I want to allow it. Am I missing something?

Do other Windows systems or telemetry also bypass the Custom Ruleset?

I really like Comodo Firewall but want to understand this better and limit as much telemetry as possible. I actually do not want to disable Windows Update, but am using it as an example of something not asking for permission to access the internet.


By default CF has default rules for Windows System Applications and Windows Update Applications "Allow IP OUT from MAC to MAC Any Where Protocol is any to avoid issues. If your wanting to block telemetry you’ll have to setup separate rules for that.

There’s an interesting article here: How to Prevent Windows 10 from Spying with Only Firewall but for specific rules, it’s a little out of my knowledge.


Thank you! I will read that.

Does creating a rule blocking the compattelrunner.exe program block the telemetry?

I believe it will block part of the telemetry but not 100% sure it’ll stop all telemetry without windows tweaking

I do know that it’s one of the LOLbins that FirewallHardening element of Hard_Configurator has as recommended block rule for Windows Firewall (Not compatible without a lot of tweaking with CIS but I sometimes try out new versions in between fresh installs of CIS).