windows server 2003

will comodo firewall work on windows server 2003
if it will when i have to restart my server after install will it be blocking my remote desktop connection if it will is there any way to stop it because i can only access my server this way
thanks mdh1


Yes Comodo Firewall 2.4 will run on Windows Server 2003, however upon installation you will need to appropriately configure the firewall to allow remote access, this is the case with any new firewall.


Hm, OK but I hope your experience of CFP on Windows server 2003 is better than mine (;topicseen) (:SAD). System is still not fully right after removal of CFP. Needs a complete rebuild I think (:SAD) - when I can find time (:SAD)



Hello to all!

Recently, I downloaded the latest version of Comodo Firewall 3.

Except that when installing it complains that I am using Windows 2003 Server (which of course, is true). Until the previous version, they were perfectly functional in w2003s … But now it seems that closed the door to that OS and not allow installing the same.

No, there is no version of the software for w2003s?

Sorry my poor english.


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