Windows security updates vs Comodo Firewall


Just a newbie question here. Is it really necessary to get all of XP’s security updates since i’m running Comodo Firewall 3? Shouldn’t this block the holes without getting the updates? I ask this beacuse I just did a clean XP install and everything was working fine untill i got the windows updates and my system now runs slower.

Thanks for any help.

David C.

Windows XP Pro 2002 SP3
P4 2.3 Mhz
RAM 2.0 Gb
Powercolor X1550
M-Audio 192

Welcome. :slight_smile: You should still have the latest security updates even with CFP.

Comodo Internet Security 3.5 :slight_smile: (3.5 update to Comodo Firewall).

As it looks, i’m just using my computer to run updates since everything else is very slow.

Thanks for answering.

David C.

Do you have broadband?

Well I’m running on cable at 2Mb.