Windows Security not showing Comodo Firewall

I have recently manually updated my Comodo Firewall after suffering from the multiple downloading problems mentioned elsewhere. I noticed that Windows Defender did not automatically turn off its Firewall so I manually turned it off to prevent multiple firewalls running at the same time. Comodo seems to be working well.

Unfortunately, I am now having daily Windows Defender Firewall alerts indicating I have no firewall protection. I returned to the Firewall settings page and discovered Comodo is not even listed as a provider (attached) (though it does recognize my Avast antivirus).

So should I (1) try a super-duper clean Comodo install again, (2) turn on Windows Firewall and run both firewalls, (3) have a drink :o every time I see the security notification (BTW have tried everything to shut it off), or (4) find another firewall. I do have Win 10 20H2 and am a casual user, not a programmer. Appreciate any help/comments.

Side affect of installing more and 1 3rd-party security software, you can try a re-install of CFW but I doubt it would matter as your WMI repository for windows security center is damaged or not properly recognizing the firewall.

Thank you. I ran a Cmd prompt via Windows Powershell and received “WMI repository is consistent.” I could not find much information on WMI problems for Win 10 but did read not to reset unless inconsistencies are found.

Hi GloryB,

I suggest to clean install Comodo Firewall. Uninstall the Comodo Firewall first and then restart, use the latest Official Comodo Uninstaller to remove remnants. Instead of Online Installer, download the CIS Premium Offline Installer(custom install → uncheck AV).

Thank you Arceus! It worked! I searched for and found the Uninstaller and Installers you recommended. I also used Revo Uninstaller to check for leftovers. After several restarts all seems to be well and behaving, including Windows Firewall (in the OFF mode). Greatly appreciate your time, along with everyone else on this forum, for helping this “older shelter-in-place” person to safely navigate the world of computer glitches during these challenging times. :■■■■